Textile history you can find around Ahmedabad, where diverse and awesome kinds of textiles traditions made. Kinds of stalls for popular street foods and unique jewelries you can enjoy at this place. Most people like to plan to visit different places for great cherishing times. People of Ahmedabad generally prefer to visit all over the India.

Hills stations, beaches and green vegetation mostly visited by people from Ahmedabad. Shimla is heart of Himachal which means loving moments of life. Ancient beautiful buildings and temples of different lords sprawl bless everywhere.

Manali is fulfilled with adventures and sky pictures snapping at night in serene atmosphere. Some miracle and amazing spots which is most gather points surround this place. Summer wetting moments which is Goa beaches where you can enjoy tasty dishes and sand games.

Beautiful hills with covered green surroundings, Safari for snapping animals and enjoying cherishing moments is Kerala. People like visit this place where they sink in absent minded to feel exotic. Rejuvenate soul from natural treatment and feel awesome like heaven.

Temples of different kinds and markets where mostly people like to shopping for love ones. Secluded forests around rivers covered with flower petals and leafs enjoying mentally relax in backwater boating. Everyone should visit this place once in life.